On a clear September Tuesday morning

In a city that never sleeps

People commuted to their office buildings

While soon the world would weep

Four planes of people in the prime of their health

Unknowing what history had in store

People with nothing to fear but fear itself

And nineteen murderers with nothing left to live for

The end of the twentieth century

Heralded by the crumbling of those two tall twins

With the blood of the murdered etched in history

A new era began and has been forming ever since

Afghanistan, Covid, a widening chasm between world views


I think that if the Native Americans were to demand a state in their historical homeland, there is not a single court that could call their demand anything but moral. If Algonquins, Iroquois, Cree or Mohawk return to the area where their ancestors lived and from which they were exiled in a trail of tears, no country on earth would have the moral standing to deny them what is rightfully theirs.
And yes, this means even if people have since settled on that land. The U.S government can compensate them, just as they would in the case of eminent domain where…

Here is why the existence of the Jewish state of Israel should matter to every Jew.
Because it is the Jewish home.
A simple six word sentence will not solve the conflict and will not convince the Palestinians to accept Israel. But that’s not the point. The point is to convince Jews why something which is demonized around the world is worth treasuring.
The same pathos argument cannot work equally with those Jews raised with a secular upbringing as it does with those raised with a traditional Jewish education. A purely rational, logical approach to why Jews should love and treasure Israel cannot…

Anti Zionism is NOT anti Semitism.
We’ve all heard this one now so often, it’s become normal discourse. Being against the idea of Jewish self determination does not equal being against Jews. The good anti Zionist gang is purely against a form of nationalism, which just happens to be Jewish. You might call it class warfare, the oppressed, colonized Palestinians against the powerful, cruel, greedy, resource hungry Jews, erm Zionists.
Does framing it as a class struggle make it less anti Jewish though?
Let’s travel back about 350 years to 17th century Ukraine. The Ukrainian peasants were serfs on their own land, being…

“It is good to die for your country" is a quote attributed to the one armed Jewish veteran of the Russo-Japanese war, Joseph Trumpeldor who died fighting on the battlefields of pre-state Israel. The man never lived to see the state established and yet he is mythologized among the early generations of Zionist founding fathers.
Why bring up Trumpeldor?
Many young Western Jews today struggle with the zeitgeist that sees Israel and Zionism as evil, colonialist, apartheid, racist, fill in your favorite word--which should cease to exist. Yet Trumpeldor, this veteran of the Russian army, died fighting for a Jewish state when…

“Young Man There’s No Need To Feel Down.”

So begins the song “YMCA” played by President Donald Trump at rallies, and following his farewell presidential speech.

For a country of young men who have been shunned and shunted aside by a progressive, politically correct ruling elite, having a leader who stood up for them and put the radical progressives in their place was a breath of fresh air and gave them a feeling of hope.

How many people with traditional values have been threatened to join the progressive value system or be cancelled?

A radical feminist clique proclaims that women…

The child ran excitedly out of his house, into the green, suburban neighborhood street. Friendly neighbors stood outside their houses, easy smiles on their faces, deep in conversation, cups of refreshment in their hands, as they shot occasional glances at their kids playing outside around the driveways, attempting to throw basketballs into too high baskets.

The child had gotten permission after begging his mother countless times to play with his friend down the street. Normally, his mother would have insisted on taking him there herself, but she happened to be on a long-distance call with her sister overseas. …

The bar was rockin and rollin, full of students weekending up in the Mont Tremblant resort for the winter break — really the kind of party that resulted in at least a few broken hearts and despairing souls. If you look closely enough, you could see one of those despairing souls standing outside in the darkness, watching the lights and the gyrating bodies, listening to the rowdy music, smelling good food and feeling the atmosphere of great cheer. But there was no cheer to be had by this one.

Ron Blakely’s hands were jammed into the pockets of his new…

A cold, fresh brightness shone over the great wilds of the vast territories of northern Quebec. Four men trekked slowly through the snow. Salzberg, a young, dark-haired man, perhaps in his twenties reached over and ruffled the hair of another young man.

“So here we are, Brooks. The great white north, just like you always wanted.”

Brooks flashed his friend a smile. “Yeah, buddy. Couldn’t wait for this shit.”

He glanced around at the other two men. One, Georges Laforet was their hired guide. A French Canadian man who spent his life off the beaten track, they had found him…

“‘Are you like a crazy person?’ — Evey

‘I am most certain they will say so.’ — V”

- V for Vendetta

I write this letter as my last testament to my fellow man.

You have always treated me like a weirdo. This, for the unfortunate, unconscionable decision I made not to conform. You see, when I did conform you mocked me for my conformity. I was made to be humiliated through my weaknesses.

Now that I try to stand out in my own way, to be not just a little quiet and awkward but to go the whole nine…

Reuben Tanzer

Fiction writer. Curious about human psychology.

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